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Fasilitas olahraga di Ganesa berpusat di Sarana Olahraga Ganesa (Saraga) ITB. Saraga berlokasi di Lebak Siliwangi, dekat dengan Sasana Budaya Ganesa (Sabuga) ITB, dan berada di sebelah utara kampus ITB. Saraga terbuka setiap hari baik untuk mahasiswa dan karyawan ITB, maupun publik. Biaya masuk beragam sesuai dengan fasilitas olahraga yang ada di dalamnya.

The sports facilities at Saraga include a swimming pool (beginner's pool, Olympic pool, and diving pool), fitness center, running track, soccer field, futsal field, basketball court, tennis court, and volleyball court.

The available sports facilities are designed and built by involving sports experts in their respective fields. Thus, the facilities that have been built must have taken into account all aspects of health, safety and comfort in carrying out sports activities

So, Saraga is very suitable for people who want to exercise safely and comfortably and supported by the surrounding environment which is the urban forest of Lebak Siliwangi which of course has cool air and clean air from pollutants.