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Swimming pool

Located within the Saraga complex, this facility is open daily for both students and the public. This facility has 3 pools with their respective uses, namely:
1. Starter Pool 15 m x 15 m, depth 0.8 m – 1.2 m
2. Olympic Pool 50 m x 25 m, depth 2m
3. Kolam Diving, kedalaman 5m
Selain itu dilengkapi juga dengan toilet yang terpisah antara perempuan dan laki-laki yang terdiri dari fasilitas ruang ganti pakaian, shower, wastafel, urinoir dan tempat untuk mengeringkan rambut (khusus perempuan).

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  1. The swimming pool used is only a pool Olympic;
  2. Visitors are required to wash their hands with soap or hand sanitizer before and after activities in the space provided;
  3. Entering and exiting the swimming pool each from one door with a sticker for entering and leaving directions;
  4. Avoid crowds throughout the pool area;
  5. Maintain a safe distance of at least 2 meters between visitors;
  6. Visitors must rinse in the rinse room before swimming;
  7. Visitors are prohibited from spitting in the entire swimming pool area. Spitting is only allowed in the toilet or sink.
  8. Visitors are not allowed to queue for a bath in the rinse room. If an empty rinse room is not available, visitors must wait in the swimming pool area without crowding.